A Guide to Remote Working:The Work from Home, Remote Working, and Telecommuting Handbook‘, produced by Camerado Media; (narrated by Jason Rosette) – Now on Audible, iTunes, and other platforms!

An Audiobook Guide to Remote Work, Working from Home, and Telecommuting

The Work From Home, Remote Working, and Telecommuting Handbook - Produced by Camerado Media | Available on Audible, Kindle, iTunes, and other platforms!

The Work from Home, Remote Working, and Telecommuting Handbook is a compact and definitive guide to working from home, remote work, and telecommuting in the 2020 decade and beyond. Today, an unprecedented number of workers have suddenly been tasked with working from off-site and home locations. But working from home or telecommuting is not just an issue of taking a laptop and working from home. 

Learn about the techniques, benefits, and pitfalls that employees, freelancers, “solo-preneurs”, and digital nomads need to know before viably undertaking remote work, including:

  • The trends in remote work today, and projections for the future
  • How to select and equip a remote work space
  • Hardware and furniture required to work away from the office
  • Software applications designed to support and manage productivity when working at home or away from the office
  • Psychological benefits – and pitfalls – related to working away from an office environment
  • A practical handbook, with a useful chapter of online and remote working resources at your fingertips
  • Thoroughly researched and recorded and mastered in 2020, bringing the most up to date information about this essential field

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