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CamboTube, one of the ASEAN region’s first user-operated online (OTT) video sharing and exhibition platforms, was designed and implemented by media producer Jason Rosette of Camerado SE Asia in 2007. CamboTube was also one of the first ‘democratic’ video platforms in the developing world, a platform which welcomed and broadcast user generated content from Cambodian local resident users, overseas nationals, and Kingdom aficionados worldwide with minimal oversight.

CamboTube - The first user generated OTT video platform in the ASEAN region

Unlike existing themed channels on Youtube and other platforms, CamboTube operated on its own dedicated server, running with a custom FFMPEG based engine which automatically converted and displayed user’s video content in a matter of minutes. CamboTube’s internal rendering engine generated and displayed videos with a similar in look and style to Youtube or other platforms – but without any reliance  on an external platform’s infrastructure, takedown notices, or adverse administrative processes.

Camerado digital produces one of ASEAN's first OTT online video portals in 2007


CamboTube was discontinued in 2009 primarily due to digital divide issues, with internet access and costs being prohibitive to many local users.  Additionally, video-enabled phones were still uncommon and expensive, forcing many users to upload from a desktop computer.

However, with the current (2016-2017) growth of OTT platforms in ASEAN, a new and revised CamboTube [working name TBD] is in development and evaluation for re-launch in the near-future.

CamboTube - Cambodia Daily article