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Sidewalk Screenings in Cambodia: Supernatural Asian (Cambodia) Movie, FREEDOM DEAL

Camerado’s original supernatural Asian historical dramatic movie, FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky, set along the Cambodia-Vietnam border in 1970 during the Vietnam conflict, continues to enjoy popular support and appreciation internationally…


New eBook of Camerado’s award winning New York City literary documentary, ‘BOOKWARS’

Get it INSTANTLY and WIRELESSLY from Amazon Kindle HERE Announcing…a new eBook in support of the 15th Anniversary Release of Camerado’s groundbreaking indie classic feature New York documentary, ‘BOOKWARS’. ‘TERRIFIC’ – LA TIMES…


Camerado movie ‘FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky’ is a semi-finalist at Highway 61 Film Festival

Camerado’s supernatural Asian military historical drama, ‘FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky’ is a semi-finalist in the 2014 Highway 61 Film Festival – see a section at, get more info @


OCTOPUS CAR WASH, Albuquerque, New Mexico

 The OCTOPUS CAR WASH…appearing in Camerado’s pioneering Albuquerque, New Mexico feature movie, ‘LOST IN NEW MEXICO’ – shot in 2004 ** 4 Years before AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’ ** (*which also featured an…


Camerado supernatural drama, ‘FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky’ in San Francisco

The Camerado-produced supernatural Asian drama, FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky screens at the 1970: Music and Turmoil event in San Francisco, CA; also attending is rock historian, Richie Unterberger, who gave an insightful presentation on…


T-Shirt from Camerado’s supernatural historical Asian drama, FREEDOM DEAL

Now available: The FREEDOM DEAL T-Shirt, depicting scenes from Asia’s favorite supernatural historical dramatic movie FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky, produced by Camerado.   Shirt features the ghostly ‘Arp’, a horrific…


‘FREEDOM DEAL’ a New Movie by Camerado Southeast Asia FESTIVAL SELECTIONS

‘FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky’, (RT 25:00 Release 2013), an historical dramatic movie made in Cambodia Southeast Asia and set in 1970 during the US-Vietnam conflict’s ‘Cambodia Incursion’, has been selected…


‘BURMA BONG’ & Other Short Asian Movies now on DVD & VOD

Viral Stoner Classic, ‘BURMA BONG’ and other great short movies from Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar by filmmaker Jason Rosette (aka Jack RO) now available on DVD and VOD! Physical DVD-R with Custom…


Camerado’s SE Asian time lapse short, BANGKOK TRAFFIC, accepted to the 2013 Florida Film Festival

ANNOUNCING: Camerado’s SE Asian time lapse short, BANGKOK TRAFFIC, accepted to the 2013 Florida Film Festival! (with other movies still pending). Help us get our newest Asian movie, the US-Vietnam War era…


2013 Cambodian Cinemas Update

Just back from Kampot, Cambodia, location of the historic CAMBOFEST, Cambodia Film Festival 3rd Edition (, where CamboFest staffers re-discovered and revived the once popular vintage Cambodian cinema house, the ROYAL, est….