the latest review of Camerado’s new second (dramatic) feature “LOST IN NEW MEXICO: the strange tale of Susan Hero”…


Lost in New Mexico: The Strange Tale of Susan Hero. color. 85 min. Jason Rosette, Camerado, 2008. DVD UPC 8-83629-27962-6. $49.95. Public performance.

This atmospheric and moody no-budget feature shot around the city of Albuquerque is aptly marketed by its resourceful director as “a sci-fi cloning road movie for the 21st century.” Rosette’s timely fusing of diverse genre elements involves no less diverse a cast of characters: Susan, a grieving young woman who robs the movie theater at which she’s employed so she can pay for the cloning of her recently deceased daughter; Dr. Morell, a maverick geneticist bent on extending the reach of his illegal cloning services; Javier, an illegal Mexican immigrant accompanying Susan; Carl (played by Rosette), a self-doubting FDA agent on the trail of Morell; and Lonnie, a Native American potter trying to raise funds so his daughter can attend college. Rosette (Bookwars, LJ 10/1/00) envelops these characters in the evocative desert landscape, complemented by a wistful and spare guitar soundtrack. Extras include a production slideshow with the director eloquently detailing the film’s difficult history. Recommend for adventurous viewers.—Robert A. Sica, Eastern Kentucky Univ. Lib., Richmond

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