Local (SE Asia) casting session for the FREEDOM DEAL feature film project
We'll be seeking talent to participate in several short produced and edited scenes from the script which will be part of further development and outreach. 
These sequences will also be used as a standalone short that may be screened at festivals and other venues to drive PR for further development and production.
DATE: April 28, 10-4PM
LOCATION: Khmeroyal Hotel, 383 Sisowath Blvd., Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA

In particular, we'll be looking for the "hero" main character, SAMNANG, a boy-youth aged 12-13 (or so), and the WEDDING PLAYER (NUON), who can play the Tro Khmer, Tro Sau, or other stringed instrument, age 50-60. 
These are two of the main characters in the movie, and a lot of consideration will be given towards their mutual chemistry and interaction - ie. Samnang may be clever but naive, while Nuon tells tall tales and is a bit of a scatter brained prankster.
However, the actual talent may provide something completely unanticipated and different from our preconceptions, and we're open to this.
Talent appearing in these early test scenes will get some pay (TBD) and a copy of the final scenes on DVD/VCD. They may or may not be cast in the final project, but these early participants will be given stronger than normal consideration when final casting is underway and their info will be retained for other potential projects that may come up, either through our efforts or a colleagues'.
Besides Samnang and Nuon, we'll also be taking information and photos of 
** extras, day players, supporting characters ** including:
- Lon Nol and Khmer Rouge military personnel
- North Vietnamese and Viet Cong military personnel
- Higher ranking individuals, including Lon Nol himself
- Participants at the wedding ceremony, including a young couple
- The village widow (who also doubles as an "Arb")
- Friends of Samnang 
 -Boy & Girl soldiers, Lon Nol and Khmer Rouge
- Assorted Villagers
(Western characters, including US forces and diplomats will be 
cast later - this session is ONLY for Cambodian talent) 
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