What the hell, Israel, Come ON!

What the hell–??

Why do we have to sit by and watch as our “good friends” in the Middle East tear apart Lebanon? What’s going on? I will not mention the US’s own great debacle in Iraq…

But c’mon Israel, LIGHTEN UP. Scale things down. This is not the time of Jonah. This is a small, interconnected world and we must face and ACCEPT it.

There’s a tendency to think that, just because we believe something to be true, that it IS true. That, because we feel a certain reaction is appropriate, that it must be. This is wrong, this is undeveloped thinking. This is the awful trapdoor of limited human perspectives at work, Aldous Huxley talks about it — phenomenologically and emprically, we can’t know, even through faith (as Paul Tillich points out) what is right and what is wrong.

But now we’re watching as a nation, having suffered through a holocaust (a holocaust, as the Native Americans suffered, as the Armenians suffered, as the Khmer people suffered, as they suffer in Darfur), reacts, or more appropropriately, overreacts to a situation that might have been best handled by diplomacy.

Or at least, diplomacy might have been given a chance. [or is there something else at work here? 😉 ]

Read more about Israel’s excessive use of force in this report by Human Rights Watch:

Read an article from Foreign Policy Magazine about the unusual influence of the Israel Lobby in US Politics:

And, a famous essay by the same authors:

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