Return of the Clones

Just received the clones of the tapes sent by G, they arrived safe and sound at my place here in Phnom Penh. Was the second piece of mail I received in two days, by God I’m starting to feel connected to the outside world again!

First package, yesterday, some CDs sent by a music industry pal of mine, and great friend and supporter, Jesper Kumberg in Gothenberg, Sweden. He’d seen the SVT broadcast of BOOKWARS a couple years ago and we’ve been in touch ever since.

Anyway, all I need now are some hard drives and a deck for a few days to load footage, and I can start cutting again. Buying the hard drives will just about clear me out money wise, down to the last penny to my name.

F_ck it. You only live once. Then again, anyone who wants to kick in some cash to help us along, just log into the Camerado website at:

Your infusion of much needed cash will be most welcome…and of course, you’ll become an honorary Pope of Camerado!

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