NEW from Camerado Digital:  the PythonMailer Email Application ( allowing any user to send Recurring, Scheduled, and Repeat Emails easily and Effectively.

This is an amazingly handy breakthrough tool not only for sending recurring reminders and company invoices, but for triggering the release and delivery of content to social media channels via each platforms ‘post by email’ functions.  In other words, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets and more can be blasted out by the PythonMailer platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round – all according to the user’s desired scheduling parameters.

Built with a robust Python / Django framework, PythonMailer features a user-friendly WYSWYG interface plus an intuitive calendar function to schedule recurring emails at a future time and date of the user’s choice.  

Messages can be sent from any selected time zone, and can be paused and restarted individually or globally as desired.
Messages are scheduled, then added to the queue on the right; the server does the rest, sending the content without any further interaction from the user.  The queue of emails can be exported for archival or for modification offline – and can then be re-imported as needed or desired without having to manually enter all the emails again through the interface.
PythonMailer is being sold as a complete and ready to use licensed system with turnkey install on an inexpensive VPS server, ready to go.  No technical know-how, subscription fees or further payments required! 
User licenses once, and Camerado Digital installs complete with Bootstrap theme onto a new VPS server account (server is about $5 a month, paid for by user independetly of the installation)

Contact Camerado Digital for more information including a quote or demo, or to order the installation of your very own PythonMailer system

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