Lovely Ladies Picking Their Noses…

Everyone picks their nose in Cambodia; if you don’t when you arrive, you will gladly adopt the habit. You’ll soon find yourself probing a nostril with a gentle, wayward backhanded gesture, as naturally as Samba the elephant tosses a bucket of husk-filled turds as he passes by on Sisowith Quay, back home afgter a day of work at Wat Phnom giving elephant rides to tourists.

Yes: you’ll find the lovliest ladies, with the tightest and most delicate figures, scooping gently at their nose-holes with pretty sculptes nails while they bat their eyelashes at you.

The object of the hunt is found within the act of digging itself; any gems which are found are not eaten or even examined, rather, they’re tossed cavalierely aside as a fisherman might catch–and then release–a rainbow trout.

He fishes for sport. And so do they!

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