Lineup Announced for BANGKOK INDIEFEST 1.0 (2010/2553) Edition

Selections for BANGKOK INDIEFEST 1.0

(Detailed schedule and film info to be posted @ shortly)
Note: Schedule TBA; additional films may be added August 6-8 2553 BANGKOK, Thailand


10 Years to Nashville

Katarzyna Trzaska 
34 & Park Cameron Pearson
Amexica Ron Krauss
Born to Be Alive Alexander Felsing & Tobias Sparrman
Broken Christian Doran
Bye Bye Now! Ross Whitaker, Aideen O’Sullivan
Case Closed Kevin Stocklin
Correspondence Oliver Waghorn
Coup De Grace Thymaya Payne
Cravings Andreas Lindergard
Das Paket Marco Gadge
Dental Breakdown Ian Power
D’entre les morts (Among the Dead) Alain BASSO
Die Entbehrlichen (The Dispensables) Andreas Arnstedt
Die Seilbahn (the Cable Car) Claudius Gentinetta
Dieu est Americain (God is American) Richard MARTIN-JORDAN
Dominoes and checkers competition Alexander Gornovsky
Door to Door Ida Akesson
Dried Up Isaiah Powers
Drown Nottapon Boonprakob
EAST PLANET Hiroshi Toda
Eulogy Ben Claremont
Everything Is As It Should Be Jennifer Ruff
Father returning home Imaad Shah
Flip Peter Allen
Insurgency of Ambition Anya Belkina
Intersection (Thai Version) Jae Woe  Kim
It Shines And Shakes And Laughs Matthew Wade
Kamikire Ichimai Momi Yamashita
Keeping Them Safe Lauren  Sandler
LA GLACIÈRE ROUGE Michel Jr Tremblay
La Lampadina Thai Pradithkesorn
Last Night Ed Park
Le prix à payer (The Price to Pay) Paul Gayard
L’Empire des enfants, une femme de Dakar en colère (The Children’s Empire, an angry Dakar woman) Gerard Moreau
les intestins de la terre Barbier Olivier
Little Jijar Gun Sangkaew 
LIMINAL Stephen Keep Mills
Lollipop Man Nils Gaard
Lya Nicolas Siegenthaler
Make Me John Ma
Mannen med kulorna (the Man with all the Marbles) Hans Montelius
Massacrator Pierre Ayotte
Meltdown in Tibet Michael Buckley
Mørke Sjeler César Ducasse
Mu -emptiness- RIA AMA
MUGS Ronnie Cramer
My Asian Heart David Bradbury
Nobody’s Business Tyler Savage
North Horizon Thomas Freundlich & Valtteri Raekallio
Parking Space David Bitton
Pedaço de Papel (Piece of Paper) Cesar Raphael
Peel Douglas Williams
Puffer Girl Joan Gratz
Retour au pays des ames (Return to the Land of the Souls) Jordi Esteva
Return To Gaza Michael Weatherhead
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead Jordan Galland
Run Granny Run Nikolaus von Uthmann
Scissu Tom Bewilogua
Sombras Oriol Canals
Sometimes I Dream of Reindeer Tom Feiler
Song of the River Krissada Tipchaimeta
Souvenirs Andy Pearson 
star, dust Karen Hanson
Staubkaskade Stefan Pautze
Storm’n the Castle Chris Timmons
Suck 3/2 Seed Siwawut Sewatanon
Sweet Crude Sandy Cioffi
Takeo Omar Samad
Televisnu Prithi Gowda
The Cockerels Egg Peter Allen
The Hirosaki Players Jeff Sousa
The Last Elephants in Thailand Donald Tayloe
The Magnitude of the Continental Divides Christopher Coleman
The Marina Experiment Marina Lutz
The Package Oliver Waghorn
The Quackening Norm Fassbender
Vitruvius’ Toybox Dennis Iannuzzi
Wet Nana Dreamscape Jimmie Wing
Why Do You Have A Beard? Paul O Donoghue
World Vote Now Joel B. Marsden
Zwischen Licht und Schatten Fabian Giessler

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