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Late Night Loading Session

Rode merrily to Monirith’s place to rent his deck only to discover that Allan’ canon camera tapes wouldn’t play on the Sony deck to to an incompatibility issue: thus, when my true nature required me to swing vine to vine, I was stuck as a computer geek AGAIN trying to figure out the problem. Finally Monrith and his younger bother showed up with a camera to use as a deck, but battery issues kept usdown.

He then calleda friend who brought a new camera–but itwas a Sony, and it suffered the same fate as the deck!

Finally, Monrith’s friend bring s another battery and charger for the first camera, thus I can load the crucial footage–

But then the digitzer from Premiere Pro flunked out–

So then I fired up Sony Vegas andused it’s digitizer, with the hope oflater importing those clips into Premiere–

But then I discovered the original clips wouldplay after all (sorry, iBook nowusedforBlog as windows machineis digitzingas Iwrite,and the iBookhas a bad space key)

Went out to the neighborhood beer stand, dranka coke and aBlack Panther stout. At the end ofthe break,as I left,I spied abeautiful girl fromthe dancehallsitting near the stand, but she said nothing tome,only motioned as I saidhelloand goodbye:

“She can’tspeak, and shecan’thear”

Ah…but herface wasso clearandalmond like, I made a gesture with my hand and suffered to find a way to talkwith her somehow.

She gestured tomeand madean eatingmotion.

“What’sshe want?”I askedmy Khmerfriend who tends the stand

“She wants 500Riel for somewater”

I gave it toher,but left,and thought of her the wholeway home.

“Howcan I meet her?How can I find outhername?”

Andstill,I think of her now…

[The oldKrung lady fromratanakiri, she looks likemy English/Irish grandmother ,she’son camera nowI can hear heras the tapedigitizes]
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