“Internet. Internet? Yep, yep, yep, yep yep!”

Finally got wired here with my own Internet setup, actually shared through the Adventure Travel company next door, Local Adventures.

Achieving this step is a great leap, roughly similar to the scene in 2001 A Space Oddyssey where the monkey/chimp (actually a dwarf in a rubber suit) discovers “tools” and celebrates by tossing–ecstatically–the thigh bone of a boar into the sky, the same bone he used to vanquish his larger bully enemy, which revolvingly and famously becomes the turning space station…

Yet I too have Internet access again, no more Internet cafes (my staple necessity for the past three months). Accordingly, I have tweaked the Camerado index page ( as part of an overall plan to rebrand and revitalize the Camerado entity. **Go ahead, check it out ->

On the down side, it’s rainy season here which means constant humidity; bought an industrial size bottle of talcum powder from the new Pencil supersaver nearby, noticed the shelves were heavily stocked along these lines…problem with the humidity is, if you’re not aclimated, one is prone to rashes from the constant sweating. Fans must always be turned on, undershirts washed EVERY DAY.

Speaking of which, if anyone cares to send a care package — don’t matter if we haven’t met yet, but some fresh undershirts would be nice — send to:

J Rosette
c/o Local Adventures
#14 St 258 (Long Nget)
Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA

It’s the King’s birthday on Friday, which means that everything except the pickup bars will be closed. He’s actually an actor filmmaker himself, but being a King [Norodom] he never had to go through the whole Rice and Beans phase which can be so frustrating, esp when it lasts THIRTEEN YEARS.

My private student, who works for the Ministry, has bailed for this week, so I cannot count on that cash in my cash flow sheet. Thus, as careful as I may be, I still might not be able to buy the drives I need to start cutting Susan Hero by this weekend.

Then again, as loathe as I am to cut it so close (still under a thousand bucks to my NAME), I might just go ahead and buy the 400Gigs or so I need to load all the footage uncompressed.

Along these lines, if anyone wants to make a donation to this cause, and in the p;rocess become an official Pope of Camerado, please visit out Popes page at:

That’s about it. I sweat again now, and I shall sweat tomorrow. Pitching more docs here, have to revamp my database, wish I had the cash to get laid constantly to counterbalance the gritty boring work that goes into most of this process.

PS–resubmitted new info to the IMDB for Susan Hero. That should be active in a week…

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