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I'm a WINNER!!!!! | Camerado Movies and Media - Camerado Movies and Media

I’m a WINNER!!!!!

Can’t believe my luck these days; things seem to be DEFINITELY turning around!

For example, I’m now down here at the Tuol Sleng Internet cafe, near the infamous former Tuol Sleng prison S21 [now a museum to the Cambodian Holocaust], where the Khmer Rouge held and tortured thousands of innocent men, women, and children.

I’m just chillin’and drinking a Pepsi after teaching my wealthy government minister English student on the other side of town–the one who lives in a Sky blue mansion behind razor wire–and getting ready to hit Babel studios where our short demo / fundraising trailer of the Jarai hilltribes is about to be finished ….

…when I check my email to find that I have (once again!) won a MAJOR LOTTERY!!!

Here’s the message from the lottery president (?) , a Mr. Donald Duke–from London England: [*note, my response to him is included ]


I can’t f*cking believe it!!!
You guys ROCK!!!!
I’m already figuring out what I’ll do with my winnings–you can best your sweet peaches I WILL help humanity with some of the money.
Thanks, Donald!
On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 03:59:17 -0800 donaldduke654@o2.co.uk wrote:> DEAR WINNER> > THIS PROGRAM IS BEING SPONSORED BY EMINENT> PERSONALITIES AS A WAY TO ENCOURAGE THE USAGE OF> INTERNET SERVICE WORLD WIDE.> EMAILS WERE PICKED AT RANDOM WHICH WERE LATER SUBJECTED> TO BALLOTTING AND> YOURS WAS ENVENTUALLY SELECTED AS ONE OF THE> WINNERS IN DIFFERENT CATEGORIES.> TO BEGIN YOUR CLAIMS WE ARE IN RECEIPT OF YOUR PAYMENT> FILE SENT TO US. WE> HAVE THE INSTRUCTION TO PAY YOU THE SUM OF TWO MILLION> FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND> EUROS AFTER PROPER IDENTIFICATION.> > > IN THE LIGHT OF THE ABOVE, YOU ARE THEREFORE REQUESTED> TO FILL THE FORM AND RETURN SAME TO US VIA EMAIL> ATTACHMENT TO OUR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR FURTHER ACTION.> YOURS FAITHFULLY,> DIRECTOR(LEGAL) JAY HAUSEN & ASSOCIATES.> > REFERENCE NUMBER: WINNING NUMBER:??????????????. FULL> NAME: ???????????????? AGE????????????????????> OCCUPATION ??????????????? SEX:????????????????> COMPANY NAME::??????????? ?????????????????? FULL> ADDRESS: ????..?????????????????> COUNTRY NAME ???????????????????????????????? TEL:> ????????????? FAX: ??????????> E-MAIL????????????????????????????> ??????????????????????????????????> ?????????????????????????????????? IF PAYMENT SHOULD> BE MADE BY DRAFT OR CHEQUES (Please State)> ???????????????????????????????????> ???????????????????????????????????> ??????????????????????????????????? HAVE YOU EVER> DIRECTLY/INDIRECTLY PARTICIPATED IN ANY LOTTERY> PROGRAMME (YES OR NO) IF YES PLEASE> STATE??????????????????? WILL YOU LIKE TO GRANT PRESS> CONFERENCE? YES/NO ————————- I HEREBY> ENDORSE THUS: ___________________________> Date ___________________ Signature> N.B.: WE HOPE YOUR WINNINGS WILL BE USED FOR THE> BETTERMENT OF MANKIND, AND WILL CHANGE THE LIVES OF SO> MANY PEOPLE FOR GOOD. NEVER THINK OF WHAT PEOPLE CAN> DO FOR YOU BUT THINK OF WHAT YOU CAN DO TO UPLIFT THE> LIVES OF PEOPLE.> > > > > ________________________________________> For a wide range of mobile phones,free> upgrades,accessories and tariffs plus> special deals when you buy online,visit www.o2.co.uk/shop> <http://www.o2.co.uk/shop>> >


I especially like the part where they express their hopes that my winnings will be used for the betterment of mankind…Donald, that is so sweet of you!

Off to Babel Studios to put the final subtitles in the trailer…

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