Hey What a Coincidence: Oil Prices Falling (Just before the elections)

Hey, what a coincidence: the price of oil happens to be falling RIGHT BEFORE THE UPCOMING ELECTIONS! Better buy now while the price is low, because you know what might happen after the elections are over. 😉

Hey, but what the heck: as long as enough Americans momentarily forget the crooked embezzlers who are in office now, those same racketeers who have set up a very elaborate and convincing front (the war in Iraq) in order to line their pockets and those of their cronies while they still have two years left…as long as enough Americans forget those years of crookedness during these intoxicating two months of cheaper [but not cheap] oil, then there’s no problem.

Nope. No problem at all…


By the way, there is a solution to the Iraq situation, though it would involve “loss of face” and some folks essentially admitting they made a Big Mistake. It’s called:

Putting Saddam Hussein Back in Power.

Sound off the wall? Think about it. Who else knows how to run the place better than he does, who else knows the intricacies of tribal politics, who else can reactivate the old control mehcanism within a couple months?

Yea, it would be a huge loss of face to one former cheerleader. But it would also mean saving thousands of lives, including the lives of troops who are yet to lose theirs. We would also be on the road to a more stable Middle East, yes the Middle east was more stable when Hussein was in control in Iraq (than it is now), and everyone knows this–many are loathe to admit this fact of course.

What’s worse: loss of face…or loss of life?

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