Hey Look–a long lost relative has contacted me!

Here at the Internet cafe down by the Tonle Sap river, very early in the morning when the net is fastest, the Internet girls slinking around in their pajamas and occasionally going up front to make an offering to the pair of monks who happen by (you can hear their mutual chants as they offer their blessing and thanks: I’m reminded of the small moth women who lived in the magic box and who were familiars of Mothra), when I see that I’ve just received a startling email regarding a LONG LOST RELATIVE!

What luck! Hey, I’ve decided to share it with you, readers:

Lamine,KOFFI & masala
Solicitors & Advocates of
the Supreme Court Of Togo
No 16 Boulevard du la Kara
Lome Togo

Dear Jason Rosette

I AM BARRISTER KOFFI JACK KOPE,a solicitor at law and
a personal attorney to Late Mr Fedinard K. Rosette (my LONG LOST REALTIVE!)
.here in lome togo after shall be referred to as my
client.My client worked as an independent contractor
to the Shell Development Company here in Lome Togo.
On the 21st of April 2000 my client, his wife and
their only daughter were involved in a car accident
along Nouvissi express Road and all occupants of the
vehicle unfortunately lost there lives.

(ah, shit, what a shame, well there's usually a silver lining in every cloud)

Anyway, just got a call from a guy I know here, he's putting together an action movie, he wants me to come on down to check it out--they're shooting a couple hours away... thus goodbye for now

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