Another item from the menu of a neighborhood restaurant here in Phnom Penh: DUMBLINGS. Mmmm! Gotta love them dumblings!

Anyway, looks like the land grabbing doc has been greenlit by the NGO, they want to shoot in later May; until the paperwork/contract is signed though (see the former post re: HD Cinema 10) I will remain healthily skeptical. But it does seem solid, and today in fact we shot an hour of interview material with s noted social anthropologist who was discussing the effect of land alienation (land grabbing) on local indigenous communities. The efect being, not good, in many cases seriously and critically disrupting the communities.

Soon hope to get the Susan hero tapes here in Phnom Penh, at whih point I’ll have to aquire the case of a Firewire HD, might have to locate a chepa one on Ebay. Then, will try to scrape together enough for a 250G HD and I’ll hpefully be in action with a very rudimentary editing setup.

Moa later. Busy days, hot days, powere outages leaving no air con and a sweat-soaked long sleeved shirt which I had to wear to be “respectable”during the shoot for the NGO.

Once they get to know me though, I hope to revert to my standard casual attire: buttless chaps and a baseball hat with a built in fan and drink holder.

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