++Boiling Guts++

My guts are starting to boil…I can hear stranges noises coming from them, sounds like the bubbler of a fishtank.

The rule of thumb here in Cambodia is: “if you see a bar of soap, use it”. But no mater how careful you are, you’re bound to pick up some kind of bug, and I’ve found that it’s often not a matter of IF you have the runs, but TO WHAT DEGREE you have the runs.

Feeling blue because the hilltribe doc is on hold, hasn’t been cancelled outright, but they’re waiting for money to come through from the EU and that means delays, delays, delays.
Fuck. True, I’m successfully building up an alternate skill set here (teaching), but I also want to be workin gin my primary field (film/video) as well, and it’s frustrating.

Another thing that’s frustrating: low on money. Down to my last $500 to my name, and while I’m accountable for my choices, some of them were made under some degree of compulsion.
Ie, do you want to continue sleeping in your car in New Mexico while you HOPE some kind of gainful work emerges, or do you roll the dice now and head to Asia to build up an alternate (read, useful/practical) skill set?

In the end, it all comes down to choices we make, and some of the early choices I made were, in restrospect, not the most advisable…

Specifically: the decision to attend NYU Undergrad Film School, a decision I made when I was 17 years old, was a serious financial error which continues to affect me to this day. I’d advise any prospective students who are reading this to think twice about plunking down so much money for a Film/TV degree, and to instead consider obtaining a degree in a practical field while making movies on the side and learning that way.

Anyway, have to check the emails, am deciding what to do about Susan Hero. To I get the materials sent here and try to cut it myself?

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