Back from the Strange Pastry Shop

By the way…I should mention because I’m starting this Blog a few months into this effort: I’m in Cambodia now. Came to SE Asia to:

1) hone my teaching skills in a place with presumably lower entry barriers to teaching versus the US, which requires a Master’s degree and plenty of red tape, additonal certifications, etc, to get a shot at teaching–thus, I’ve been pursuing ESL and other University level teaching gigs with mixed results. (better than NO result, as was the case in the US; my nearly worthless Film&TV degree from NYU offered such a narrow skill set that I’d ususally been stymied in my efforts to land teaching work.)

2) get away from the US for a while; the place is just too damn conservative and puritanical for my tastes, PLUS, I figured it would be worth coming to Asia to investigate the future seat of the world’s economy

3) get involved with documentary and media production here via work for NGOs, small production houses, etc. I’ve had limited success here as well since departing San Francisco to Hanoi on December 5th…

Also a further note: this Blog will be the rated PG version of the unrestrained diary, HURRICANE, which I’ve been writing for some time now, concurrent to all this since October 2003, when I first set out from New York City for New Mexico to start production on my second feature, SUSAN HERO.

So, if you want to read a real rant, you’ll have to ask me about HURRICANE. Too many folks I’d rather not subject to that filth and furyon this publicly accessable blog.

Anyway…back from the strange Ásian European”pastry shop on Sinouk Blvd nearby; the buffet was sadly closed til tonight. Treated myself to a liter of milk for the first time in a while, brand name: Cowhead.

Also took a great crap, nice clean restroom with toilet paper to boot, felt like I was on vacation.

Back to the gind now: emailing my teaching resume to more language schools and universities, pitching more doc ideas, headng later to the forestry NGO to try to get my head around hiltribes for a potential documentary they might want me to make.

**It’s all a race against time as the money slowly dries up.**

Even with careful rationing (bowl of noodles instead of Western food, inexpensive bar girls versus high priced dates with Western girl) the money is dwindling to new lows. Not enough money to rent a motorcycle on a daily basis, but picked up a dencent enough mountain bike for $30 bucks at the market.

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