++Back from Poipet with a new Business Visa!!++

Yes, that’s right folks. I’m officially able to stay in Cambodia indefinitely thanks to the new Business Visa, granted to me by “my best friends” at the Cambodian border! All I need to keep renewing is….you got it….CA$H. But i’t’s easy, just take your passport with Business Visa inside, $150 bucks for a six month extension, and head over to Lucky! Lucky! motorcycle shop, where they also specialize in Visa matters.

What sort of business do I intend to conduct here in Cambodia? Well, maybe more of the same — teaching, hanging out with beautiful girls (since dates are so cheap here: .50 cents for a Coke and they’re satisfied, which is great on my salary!). BUt most of all I want to get back into SHOW BUSINESS: to somehow start the final edit of Susan Hero, maybe even put together a Vampire movie I’d like to shoot here.

More later, but it’s great to be back to (generally) paved streets again!

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