((A Contribution from the Founder of Clone Rights United Front)))

Was working downstairs, tweaking the Camerado website in anticipation of repackaging and reselling some old material [BOOKWARS] while hoping to picth some new doc ideas, including a new one for the Cambodian Circus, when I get a string of messages from Randolfe Wicker, on my MSN Messenger.

Didn’t remember at first who he is, but after a while messengered him back and recalled that he’s the founder of a group called Clone Rights United Front (see, and a big advocate of human cloning…I’d contacted him a while ago regarding Susan Hero, our cloning road movie which deals with cloning issues.

Anyway, Randolfe became our latest Pope of Camerado!! (actually, an Anti-Pope, as per his request) with a much needed cash infusion, sent via PayPal to our address.

++ Are there any other potential Popes out there who can make a contribution at this critical time? If so, visit out page at ++

All contributors become an Official Pope of Camerado, which means you get your name listed in the credits of the picture for all posterity.

Go ahead, check out and you’ll see it’s painless and easy, and it will make a HUGE difference.

Anyway, Randolfe’s contribution came at a CRITICAL TIME: I was teetering on the brink of being able to make the first hard drive purchase to keep going with postproduction of Susan Hero here in Cambodia–had to sell off my Mac and other items back home after shooting, due to production costs and the financial woes of the New Mexican economy–and so I have to build a DV editing system from scratch over here.

Giacomo, back in New York, had been editing on his own system, but his firewire bus went bust and besides, it was too difficult to coordinate a long distance cut of the picture from New York to Phnom Penh.

AGAIN: if you can chip in anything, $20 bucks, $50 bucks, whatever you can afford, it’ll mean a great deal to the project as we keep clawing forward.

That page again is: Go ahead, Randolfe kicked in some ca$h, and so can you. It’d be HUGELY appreciated.

Gotta go now and price hard drives…so much to do now, have to keep up the new found momentum…exhausted from teaching, and from building things up again after living on the edge so long…but have come a long way since sleeping in my car in New Mexico following the financial drain of shooting Susan Hero.

Anyway, there are big cottony clouds are in the sky today in Kampuchea, and dragonflies are playing in the mighty afternoon.

Anyone who wants to come over and visit Phnom Penh for a while can bring their hard drives, I’ll cook the rice!

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